Our Mission

At Amazing Kids Clinic, we inspire, hope and contribute to health and well-being of children by providing the best care to meet their physical, psychological and social development through integrated clinical practice, education and client support onsite and online.

Our Vision

At Amazing Kids Clinic, we envisions that, one day all families, regardless of their financial status, have an equal opportunity, access and knowledge to provide their children, with or without special needs, a healthy and fulfilling life.

Our Core Values

  1. We believe each child is different; therefore, we thoroughly consider their individual experiences and their unique responses. We take time to listen, assess and commit to fully and clearly explain information to our clients.
  2. We thrive to give equal opportunity for low-income families to access our services through our Amazing Kids Foundation.
  3. We carry out our business and ourselves with honesty, integrity, respect and compassion.
  4. We are committed to providing excellent services and treatments.
  5. We incorporate the latest technology and tools into our therapies and specialized programs, making us a leader in children’s health and wellness services in Ontario.
  6. We collaborate with other professionals and agencies in order to serve all of our clients’ needs under one roof.
  7. The privacy and confidentiality of our clients are strictly maintained.