“Nila, thank you for the many years of your help and support. Nisha has come long way because you believed in her. It has been a great journey for 6 years, where I was at peace knowing my child’s education is well taken care of. Keep doing what you do, caring, loving and understanding.”

– Gowsy, West Island, QC

“I was referred to Amazing kids Canada by my aunt, after I met the tutors and Ms. Nila, I felt confident that I can succeed in my College chemistry course. Even though it was not part of their main courses offered, They were kind of enough to arrange a Tutor just for me and I was able to excel my semester. Thank you for the extra effort.”

– Thisha, Montreal, QC

“I searched and been through a lot of Tutoring centre to help my child who had just lost her small brother and was performing way below average, that was 7¬† years ago, now my daughter is in the International High School, the only person to get admission from her public elementary French school. She also graduated from elementary school with honors and few awards. I found my daughter after I found these guys. Words are not enough to express my gratitude. Thank you.”

– Stephany, Laval, QC

“You have given me hope in understanding that my son has learning difficulties and not to buy into the labeling of permanent disability. That every child has a unique potential, and all they have to do is believe in themselves and have parents who also support that view. We started to believe in our son because of you. Please keep touching others and spreading awareness. We as parents need more support than our children.”

– Monique, West Mount, QC

“My son joined Ms. Nila and her team in grade – 7. At that time he was forced to go there so that he can get better grades in Math. After one year, till the end of his High School years he ended up visiting them three times a day, without any request from us. He was more able to connect with the staff and felt they were part of his family. He became more responsible. He’s pursuing Commerce in University right now, not bad for a young man who didn’t believe that he was able to do even a grade -8 math. Most of all he gained will power and confidence, like never before.”

– Harjinder Singh, Montreal, QC

“I started my lesson plan for English courses so that I can pursue my College and University in English. Coming from a French School, I had very low self confidence when it comes to the English language. I was very poor in grammar and barely spoke English. Ms. Nila spent a good one hour with me, designing a study plan for me to pursue, I learned all formats on how to write an essay¬† to more complicated writings. Currently I’m enrolled in University of Ottawa, so grateful that they prepared me ahead of time.”

– Sharmila, Ottawa, ON