Pediatric social workers (SW) support children who are affected by severe or chronic medical condition, with families with pediatric patients, providing them emotional support, coordinating them with the right professionals, connecting them to important resources and assisting them to navigate the medical system and work with medical team.

Social Worker Talking To Mother And Children At Home
Social Worker Talking To Mother And Children At Home


Our Focus

At Amazing Kids Clinic, the Pediatric SW understand when a child is diagnosed with serious medical condition, the family often experiences hardships that impact their mental, emotional, social, and financial well-being. Their focus and attention will be cluttered and they find it hard to advocate for themselves and their child in a complex and complicated medical system.

They can help children and families through Emotional support and Counselling by :

  • psychosocial assessments
  • supportive psychotherapy
  • Bereavement, Loss & Grief
  • risk assessments
  • psycho education regarding the child’s illness and needs of siblings
  • cognitive behavioral therapy

They can help children and families through Guidance and Support in Navigating Medical System by:

  • Help families to comprehend their situation through individual and group counselling
  • Help them to navigate the different components of the medical system
  • Help in applying for insurance and other benefits
  • Connections of community resources and support systems
  • Discussing the process and procedures involved in caring for your child
  • prepare them for what to expect

They can help children and families through Care Coordination and Treatment Planning with our Multidisciplinary team:

  • Schedule and facilitate meetings between medical teams and patient families and staff.
  • Help guide other members of the multidisciplinary team in providing sensitive, compassionate and consequently effective care
  • Document extensively in the electronic medical record, organize meetings
  • Communicating with all other providers via phone, email, pager and in person to communicate the issues and needs of the family.

They can help children and families through Resource Connections:

  • Connecting families to external resources, such as In Home Support Services, Food Banks etc.
  • Coordinating with external organizations in regards to Legal needs.
  • Reaching out to community resources on behalf of their patients.

Social work services are not covered by public health insurance ( OHIP), however your extended health insurance benefits may cover the expenses. You are required to check with your insurance provider for details. You may also apply to ” 100 Kids Per Year” initiative to be accepted for funding through Amazing Kids Foundation.

How to book an appointment:

Please email or call 647-984-4865 to book an appointment with Amazing kids clinic.