Occupational Therapy (OT) is a health profession designed to help patients to optimize participation in daily living activities such as social, personal and academic pursuits, and to overcome physical, cognitive and emotional challenges. Occupational therapists are educated in biological, physical, medical and behavioral sciences.

Our Focus
At Amazing Kids Clinic, our OT treatments can help children improve their cognitive, physical, sensory, and motor skills, thus enhancing their confidence and sense of accomplishment. Our team of OTs specialize in helping children who are falling behind or having difficulties with independence at home, school, or within their community. These challenges include but are not limited to difficulties using fine and gross motor skills, in self-help, with cognitive challenges, and many more.

Children Playing in a park

Examples of these difficulties are:

  • Clumsiness
  • Drinking from a bottle or cup
  • Holding a pencil
  • Writing legibly
  • Sitting up to play
  • Buttoning clothes
  • Tolerating the fabric in clothing
  • Participating in a game with other children
  • Tolerating noise such as in a birthday party
  • Playing on the playground
  • Playing or socializing effectively

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Our Occupational Therapy services

Using standardized testing tools and observation during play, OTs at Amazing Kids Clinic will determine areas of weakness that contribute to the delays and difficulties in a child. For example, if a child is having difficulties writing legibly, components of the task that will be assessed may include sitting posture, trunk strength, shoulder stability, hand strength, visual skills, and perceptual scanning. We also give consultation on using the right Adaptive Devices according to the need of your child.

Therapy services such as occupational therapy, are not covered by public health insurance ( OHIP), however your extended health insurance benefits may cover such expense. You are required to check with your insurance provider for details. You may also apply to “100 kids per year” initiative to be accepted for funding through Amazing Kids Foundation. Click here to download the application.

How to book an appointment:
Please email admin@amazingkidsclinic.com or call 647-984-4865 to book an appointment with Amazing Kids Clinic.