Pediatric Dietitians plan menus, incorporating balanced diets supporting healthy nourishment. They also counsel children or parents on healthful eating and basic nutrition.

Our Focus

At Amazing Kids Clinic, our Pediatric Registered Dietitians ( RD) recognize that good nutrition is essential to your baby’s growth and development. We work with families to develop plans from the early ages of your child, providing meal plans from infant nutrient to optimal growth in adolescents, suggesting alternative food for special dietary needs and helping your child prevent and correct any nutrient deficiency.

Pediatric dietitians can help in assessing and managing children with :Portrait of three friends with vegetables and fruits before eyes

  • Food allergies
  • Food intolerances
  • Celiac disease
  • Failure to thrive and weight gain
  • Infant and toddler nutrition
  • Picky eating
  • Swallowing/ dysphagia
  • Iron deficiency
  • Anemia
  • Diabetes

Our Pediatric dietitians Services

At Amazing Kids Clinic, the Pediatric Dietitian assess patient’s nutritional needs, develops and implements nutrition programs, and evaluates and reports the results.

Children with celiac disease, colitis, diabetes or serious allergies requiring specialized training and meal plans to avoid triggering the condition and to minimize the condition’s effects, while still providing adequate nutrition for normal growth and development. They also work  within specialized areas, providing carefully-considered meal plans for children in vegan households, children in competitive sports or other situations requiring special handling.

  • Special nutrition care for preemies

Introducing solids, general Infant nutrient plan, Oral food aversion

  • Help with breastfeeding

Does your baby wake up often for feeds?  Is your breast milk supply low?

  • Help uncover food allergies or food sensitivities 

Baby is not tolerating their current formula?  Do you feel your baby is colicky?

  • Manage nutrition for children with special healthcare needs 

Celiac disease, colitis, diabetes

  • Provide nutrition care for digestive problems

Iron Deficiency, food allergy for cow’s milk, protein, soy protein, peanuts & tree nuts

Therapy services such as Pediatric Dietitians (RD) are not covered by public health insurance ( OHIP), however your extended health insurance benefits may cover the expenses. You are required to check with your insurance provider for details. You may also apply to ” 100 Kids Per Year” initiative to be accepted for funding through Amazing Kids Foundation.

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