1. Are the fees covered by the Government Health Card (OHIP) ?

Visits to our physicians are Covered by OHIP. Any other services may be covered by your extended health

insurance benefits. You can also apply to our Amazing Kids Foundation for financial assistance.

  1. Can I pay in installments?

You may be able to pay in installments depending on the program that is designed by your assigned therapist. Your Program Coordinator will be able to assist you with that.

  1. How effective are your programs?

Every patient is different and all our therapists and specialists are accredited and hold an Ontario License to administer the programs specific to their field.

  1. Is there anything that I should bring to my appointment?

Your first appointment with the designated specialist will give you a scope of everything that is needed or required once the sessions begin. On your visit to our general pediatric clinic, you would bring the health card (OHIP) for your child- the Ministry of Health and Long Term Care requires us to validate your health card at every clinic visit. Any relevant test results or assessment reports available from other health related agencies. List of current medications and allergies.

  1. Do I need a referral from my doctor?

To see a General Pediatrician for your newborn you may enrol with us by filling up the enrolment form for new patients. To see our General Pediatrician for your child’s assessment and diagnosis, your child’s primary care doctor should fill out a referral request to Amazing Kids Clinic ( referral form) ; you do not need a referral form to see any other health professionals.

  1. Will you be contacting my child’s school or his/her doctor to share information about any assessment/consultation/treatment session at AKC?

All of  your child’s personal health history and information stays private. The information will only be shared upon your consent to do so, with the parties that you chose to share it with. If any information (such as reports, data of prior assessments and past medication history) needs to be shared for treatment purposes or is requested by another party, you will be notified and your consent will be asked for, prior to sharing.

  1. How are your programs better than the ones currently being given at other clinics?

Our programs are different and uniquely designed,  providing solutions to your child’s unique needs, saving you time, money and energy, so that you can maintain your quality of life by having  less stress, less complication and making well-informed decisions for your whole family.