Client Rights & Responsibilities

As integrity is part of the core elements of how we operate at Amazing Kids Clinic, we highly respect every right of our clients. Therefore, clients and members at Amazing Kids Clinic has the rights to:

  1. Be treated fairly and respectfully, regardless of their cultural and socio-economic backgrounds, gender, disability, age, beliefs and statussmiling-parents-happy-kids
  2. Receive services in a place with an atmosphere that is calm, friendly, safe and welcoming
  3. Have a punctual appointment start and finish time
  4. Receive accurate information concerning any relevant treatments, programs, choices and risks related to our services prior to the beginning a program
  5. Take part in every decision making about the treatment and program developed for their child
  6. Have their privacy and personal information maintained confidentially and used only for the intended reasons and purposes
  7. Receive a copy of any fees and charges associated to the client’s visit or appointment

We ask that our clients take their responsibilities seriously in working with us in order to achieve the best results possible for the services and programs we offer. Clients at Amazing Kids Clinic are responsible to:

  1. Treat the staffs, members, other clients and everyone involved with Amazing Kids Clinic with respect and integrity
  2. Be punctual for appointments
  3. Respect our operating policies
  4. Pay fees and charges in a timely manner
  5. Be responsible while at the Amazing Kids Clinic, including supervising your children, caring for the facility, equipment and areas inside and around the clinic
  6. Provide Amazing Kids Clinic with accurate and updated information, which is necessary to conduct a proper evaluation for a service or program
  7. Have a safe and conducive work area for our health professionals to conduct a service or treatment (for at-home and at-school services and treatments)

Our clients may direct any feedback, comments, concerns or questions to a staff member or administrative manager, directly via email


Cancellation and Late Arrival PoliciesPIC5

To be able to provide our services to as many children as possible, we ask that our clients follow and adhere to our cancellation guidelines.

At Amazing Kids Clinic, we require a 48-hour notice for a cancellation by calling us and leaving us a message with you Name, Date and Time of your scheduled session.

If a client calls at least 48 hours in advance before their scheduled appointment, we can reschedule the appointment.

For less than 48-hour cancellation we charge 50% of the fee of the session.

For a no-show or misuse of any appointment times, we charge 100%, equal to the full fee of the session.

For a late show the remaining time of the session will be offered and 100% of the full fee will be charged.

Clients should also note that insurance companies do not normally reimburse for missed appointments.

Phone: 647-984-4865
Fax: 1-800-974-4069