NilaNila Robenet | Founder & CEO

Nila Robenet has ten years of experience in the educational industry in the private, public and international sectors, offering Elementary and Secondary Education. She is the co-founder and CEO of the Montreal based learning centre for ten years offering students an Individualized Education Plan (IEP), developed in collaboration with the student’s teachers, tutors and the parents. After overseeing more than 500 students, she currently brings the necessary tools and skills to take over the role of CEO, at Amazing Kids Canada in the Ontario Region. An educational platform consisting of the world’s best reading intervention programs, the Mentorship Programs targeting the whole child, physically and emotionally, workshops and seminars for parents to have an awareness and open mind to understanding their child’s brain. Hence, offering children with learning difficulties & differences, the gift and joy of learning. With a Bachelor’s educational background in Child Studies & Computer Mathematics and a Diploma in Early Childhood Education along with a strong determination to help children, Nila Robenet has created an exceptional platform for teaching, research and providing services that help kids & adults with learning difficulties and differences.

Read through some of Nila’s research and studies on children and education.

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